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  Here at Larcombe Coal, we supply and deliver a wide range of solid fuels. As members of the Approved Coal Merchant scheme, we are qualified to offer advice and we are committed to delivering good service. It also means that we abide by the Coal Trade Code. please see below for more information on the products we supply. Chard Coal Merchants
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We supply and deliver various coal bags including smokeless- mixed ovals and home fire coals, steam coal and open fire coals. See below for more information on individual products.
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House coal is the traditional fuel mined and used across the UK, as it is inexpensive and provides good heat. However, Coal is not suitable for use in areas that are smoke controlled.
Smokeless coal is a fantastic option for fuelling you open fire or multi-fuel stove. The coal doesn't produce visible smoke when burned so is great alternative to other fuels.
We supply and deliver a range of coal bags including steam coal, smokeless fuel coal bags and open fire coal bags. Click on the buttons for more information on our coal products.
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We can supply suitable firewood by the bag. Wood is not usually suitable for use in smoke control areas. You should only use properly seasoned wood and never use painted or treated wood as the fumes could be toxic.
In an enclosed appliance you can burn manufactured fuel, anthracite or wood. An exempted wood burning appliance allows you to burn wood in a smoke control zone.
We offer a wide range of proven manufactured fuels which are suitable for use in open fires and smoke control areas. Please get in touch to discuss the right fuel for you.
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